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AP2 714 ?

tony d

Hi there I just wanted to know when the AP2 714 are going to be launched.  I usually upgrade irons every 4 to 5 years and I currently play the AP2 710 irons.  Any news on when these will be released?  Regards,  Tony

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  1. David P

    I'd bank on 4th quarter 2013

  2. Christian J

    I'd agree with Dave!  Titleist launches most of their clubs in the fall, so look around June/July for them to hit the tour.  We can just hope that they stick to a classic look.  Saw some pics of TM's new drivers and they were the ugliest things I've ever seen!  Stay classy Titleist!

  3. tony d

    Thanks guys for the info.  If Titleist comes out with something ugly I'll get my 710's re finished and put new shafts in. Right now i got the project x 6.0 flighted and with the 714' s i was gonna order them with 6.5 non flighted and 1/2 inch over standard. the 6.0 feel a little to light for me.  I hit them fine just 6.5 feels better to me.  I hope they stay with that classic look as well .  We will have to see    thanks again guys.  

  4. Richard M

    no doubt they will release them a day after i buy a new set. lol atleast thats my kinda luck

  5. tony d

    hey Richard, just be pacient and wait.  Thats what im gonna do ive been talking to some guys here in Vegas and they are all telling me the same thing 3 rd quarter of this year. 

  6. Christopher W

    I wish I could have waited but I switched from png Eye 2s that were 20 years old along with my old png Woods. Daddy had to get a new set along with a custom Scotty Cameron putter since my clubs were outdated and I needed to get back out there ASAP. Good luck on waiting your position is a little bit easier than mine. 

  7. Matthew F

    Spoke to titleist rep yesterday, he said they should be out sometime in november!!

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