Cleaning forged irons

I always clean my clubs after each shot then post-round I use an old toothbrush with some warm water from the faucet and dish soap. Keeps them looking brand new!

My wife bought me a "Frogger" towel for my Anniversary present (to go with my new 714 MBs) :).  I've found that using this during the round DRASTICALLY reduces the amount of post-round cleaning.  I used to carry 3 towels, 1 for my hands and face (I live outside Raleigh, NC so it get's a bit warmish during the summer), 1 for my irons/hybrids (and the occasional driver divot when I used to make those), and 1 for my wedges.  I had never thought about the wet/dry towel a lot, mainly because I didn't want a wet piece of cloth hanging off my bag.

The Frogger is the answer I've been looking for.  It gives you basically 2 towels in 1.  If it's a dry day, then you wet the inside towel and leave the outside one dry.  There has to be some barrier between them, because it doesn't soak through.  If it's a rainy day, you leave the inside dry and wet the outside (and let the rain continue the job).  This way when you hit your shot, just before putting the club up, you wipe it once with the wet side (I start in the top corner and work down through the round if there's a lot of dirt), then dry it with the dry side.  

Using this towel means that I arrive home with a set of clubs that are really very clean.  I then just have to spend a few minutes with my bucket of water and a bit of soap to give the clubs a quick once over before storing them.  It keeps the dirt from being able to dry or get wedged into the groves as easily.  I've found it's also helpful to use my nylon bristle side of my golf brush to hit the corners after the Frogger routine.  This just further keeps things clean through the round.  Even with wedge shots from a soaking wet  trap where the rain has left mud, almost never require the drastic action of the bronze bristles.  

With the investment in the clubs I've made, it seems to be a great, further investment in a towel or two to keep them looking like they were just unboxed!!

-- Rob

I have been playing forged blade irons for a couple decades. I will give them a quick wipe with my towel after each shot. When I get home I put them into a bucket of luke warm water w/ little dish soap and just let them soak for about 1 hour, to loosen any dirt in the grooves or stampings then clean them off with a soft & thick bath towel. I use one end for cleaning, the other end for drying & buffing. Keeps them looking great for a long time!

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

 If you have one piece cavity or muscle back irons like CB's or MB's, you can put the head into water up to the ferrule (not above).If you have a multi piece head such as AP1's or AP2's, you don't want to submerged it into water as the water may seep into the head. 

A damp cloth with mild soap and water should be just fine for wiping down the head and using a toothbrush to clean the grooves works well.  Just make sure the head and grooved are dried thoroughly.

And to add to Cathi ,keep 'em clean as you use them.  And never a put a club away dirty...

dish soap and a nylon brush for me, and wipedowns after my shots (without holding up play) keep my mb's pretty nice looking.

I have forged black ack oxide finish irons. Over time the finish has begun to wear off along the leading edge of the club (this is natural wear and tear). I clean them with warm water and a towel (no submerging).  I use a tee if the grooves are particularly nasty.  I then wipe the club heads down with a little WD-40 to help prevent rust.