Submerged my Scotty Select?

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Jeff P

I recently submerged my Scotty Golo Select in the water, not my smartest idea.  After doing this I realized that the water may get into the weights and bottom plate.   Do I need to open these up and dry them or are they sealed so water won't seep into them?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Cameron D


They are sealed tightly and there shouldn't be any room where water can settle.  It is recommended that you always try to keep your putter free of any moisture.  This means, even after your round, I would store it and keep as dry as possible.



Jeff P

Thanks for the reply...I am usually very good about keeping my putter dry and oiled.  I just momentarily lost my mind and dipped it in a lake picking up a ball.  Glad to know I am good with not having to remove the weights and sole plate.

Thanks Again,


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