How can I tell if my 910 D2 driver is broken?

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I have experienced something strange with my beloved 910 D2 driver. When I hit balls in the driving range today, I noticed a bit difference in the sound, but I found my 910 D2 seems to have lost pop and I have lost around 40 ~ 50 or more yards of distance. I know this driving range and I know how long I used to hit. Finally I came to the hypothesis that m 910 D2 driver is cracked or broken.

The problem is that there are no visual cracks. Maybe it is just me but it seems off.

How can I tell if my 910 D2 driver is broken? Is there place I can send it back to re-exam mine by the expert? How much does it cost to do so?

This is my first time so any useful information would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi,  Please contact your local pro shop and have them set up a warranty inspection and they can test your driver head to see if there is a problem with it.