Yellow Box!!

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First Custom Shop experience and it was awesome!  So happy with the results!  Can't wait to send in a second NP2 to have the raw silver finish!  

Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Awesome! Nicely done. Roll it well...

Christian J

Sweet putter!  I really like the green and black together, good luck with it!


Thanks Mike!  Really pumped!  Been using my Vokey alignment sticks doing some putting drills in the basement!  Ready to roooolllllllllllll

Chris S

Looks Sweet!

Manuel M

This looks like the new putter that Scotty just released. It's one awesome looking putter. Congratulations on gettin it done. 

-Manny M.

Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


That putter looks awesome!  Great choice on the lime green.





That is Beautiful! Are you going to game it or frame it?

Carlo Angelo

That's a super sweet putter justin!!!

Happy golfing and good luck!

Tom S.

Wow! Those are some HOT colors! Good Luck with it!!

Josh G

The grip really "ties the room together". That's a great looking stick. I hope the Iowa winter subsides and you get to roll that beauty!

Andrew O

Very nice Justin!  Great color choice as well.


Arthur L


That is Beautiful! Are you going to game it or frame it?

I game everything i buy from from Scotty! No wall hanging for me!

Jake C

That is pretty awesome putter. 

Cole W

Very nice Justin, really like the lime on black, sure it will turn a lot of heads