Custom 3 wood order ship date for 913F

I ordered a 913F 3 Wood from an authorized Titleist website and i'm curious when i should expect the club to ship.  I know the official release date is 3/1/13, so i'm not sure if my club will be in my hands for that day or if it will ship that date.

I placed my order nearly 1 month ago. 

Hi Jason,  The launch date is February 8th and we are hoping to get all orders to the stores by then,


Thank you for the reply, but i ordered my club through a website (authorized Titleist Retailer) and the club will ship directly from Titleist to me, so that's why i was curious when i could expect the club. 



All 913 F fairways and H hybrids are shipping to arrive at their destinations on the 8th.  If it is drop shipping directly to you (and not to the store first and then drop shp to you by the store), you should also receive it by the 8th. 

Jason B...What site did you order from, I am wanting to order the 913 F with the RIP A 80 X-Stiff Flex in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated...Please email me, due to the fact I am not on here that much..






I ordered it from 
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