New SC Putter Release Dates

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Ryan G

Hi All,

Does Titleist have a typical date that they release new models of Scotty Cameron putters each year?  I have a studio model and am hoping to upgrade but I don't  really like the current models available.  Thanks in advance!




The new GoLo 5 is March (black finish)... other than that I've heard summer time we'll see some new stuff.

My guess is the California line is going away after 2 years in favor of a new line.  I'm really hoping that we see some different graphics in the cavity and sole.  Select and California are sooo similar.  

Ryan G

Thanks Justin.  I 100% agree.  Time for some new looks.  I am not a big fan of the GoLo 5, so I will wait and see what is next.  

David C

I don't know but I just have to tell someone or I am going to burst.  I have a 2010 SC Laguna being shipped to me as we speak.  Can ya dig it!!!