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James f

does anyone have the Pistolero grip on the SC putter? Im thinking about getting one. wondering what people think.


I've tried one, but the axe style butt was a little too big for my liking. I like the pistolini much more.  But like usual, I went back to my pingman blackout grip with 2 wraps of tape to beef it up just a tad.  You can't beat that grip for $6.99 or whatever it costs.  Like everything else it's all personal preference though.  

matt P

James, I personally love the pistolero grip.. I have one on my Monterey. I highly recommend this grip to anyone. Best of luck bud

Ryan A

I had one that came on a new California Del Mar.  Not a big fan.  I love the original Tour cord/no cord's myself.  The pistolero's were too big in the palm.

philip g

I just put one on my putter last week and have only been able play once since. I personally like the way it felt as prior I was using a mid size iomic 

Jim B


you need to think about what size you like to feel in your hands  - and compare the difference !   I recently purchase a new sc putter which has the Pistolero grip ---  I'm still trying to learn an get use too the new feel --- part of me says go and change back to the ole smaller style grip...  which  I used too putt with very well ---  and another part of me says give this Pistolero grip a little more seat time on the golf course !  

But you should if all else --  at lease try the grip and switch back if it don't suit your style of putting.     

 Best of Luck with Your Grip Problem !!                  JB