new diamana shafts

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seth r

Are the new diamana shafts offered made for titleist or are these the real deal mrc shafts?

Don O

The Bassara shafts are "by Titleist".  The rest of the stock shafts are commercial.


I believe they are the real deal shafts.

Robert J

Real deal shafts.


Don't know  for sure what it means if my shaft is commerical or Titleist, but my 910D2 driver has a Diamana 'ilima 61 shaft, and it has printed on it "exclusively designed for Titleist" .

Stephen V

The Titleist 910D series drivers had the "MADE FOR TITLEIST" shafts. Including the Ahina, Kai'li and I'lima. They're not the REAL DEAL EXOTIC shaft that DIamana offers.  


it's the real deal shafts and i love them!