B-Day gift from the wife..

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I think she knows me pretty well:)


Christian J

Someone definitely got spoiled for their birthday.  Great looking clubs and best of luck this year with them! 


Nice!  Wish my wife would buy me awesome stuff like that!


My birthday gift (30th is 3/17) is we are leaving Sunday morning for 7 days in Pebble Beach.  Playing Monterey Peninsula CC, Pebble, and Cypress.  Will be representing the Titleist/Footjoy brands in pebble loud and proud next week.  I'm excited to say the least.  


I think you probably ought to keep her Kevin !

Ron M.

Great gift 4sure.....Happy B=day...enjoy your new clubs..

Johnny C

Awesome gifts, awesome wife!

David B

My 30th BDay (2/23) yielded new AP2 712's.  I had to treat myself to those, but they are in the bag none the less.  Happy Birthday!