Switching Clubs?

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Team Titleist Community,

I am looking to switch from my current Titleist clubs, older AP2s, to the new CBs.  I am an accomplished player that actively plays weekly. My question is, what big differences do you see between the two?  Any suggestions or input would help.  

Thank you all,


Connor I.

Hi Robert, I have hit both the CB and the AP2 and they are both fantastic irons for the highly skilled player. I noticed the CB feels a lot softer than the AP2 where the AP2 felt more clicky but still solid. There is obviously a little more forgiveness in the AP2  than the CB but not a big difference. Also, there is a new satin chrome finish on the new CB where the AP2 is chrome. Hope this helps.



Thank you for your input.  I understand your comment about the AP2s being a little clicky, which I do not like with my short irons.  I am going to try out  the CBs to see if I like the softer feel.  

keith d

I had the original ap2's and bought the 712 cb's last year.  They are a little less forgiving but you will get more feedback if you miss the sweet spot which can be a good thing.  The biggest difference i noticed was the ball flight being lower which is why i switched to the cb's.


Ron R

I had a set of original AP2 and then hit a buddies AP2-710 6 iron. Needless to say I went out and bought the AP2-712.  Played 7 holes with them today and birdied 3 of them. If you played the original AP2 you might try the 712 before you go to the CB.  Just my opinion.