what head weight should i use on a FD

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John L

I just got a 910F 13.5 with a Speeder VC 8.2 tour spec X-stiff shaft. i was wanting to try a 13.5 FD head on that shaft and see how i do. what weight should be in the FD head.

thanks cheers greens and fairways 


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Cameron D


They will both swing weight out the same, so the weight you currently have won't change the swing weight.



John L

Thanks Cameron 

cheers greens and fairways


John L

Thanks I made the head swap. I am definitely hitting a more boring ball flight with the FD head. and during my round with it i found the 13.5 to be too long on some holes. Good news is i recently bought a 19 degree f model and i hit it 250 so it is working out great.

cheers, greens and fairways