Scotty Cameron select heavy putter ?

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Eric S

I want to order the new Scotty select Newport 1.5 35" with 25 gram weights. Is this possible? If not what's the heaviest weights I can order it with, 15 or 20 gram? Thank you

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Standard heavy weights that can be ordered through your golf shop will be 15 grams.  If you want to order 20 or 25 gram weights in a 35" putter, you will have to set that up at the Scotty Cameron custom shop -



One Putt

I just received mine back...Newport 2 with 2 20 grams added, a single sight line on top and a new midsize white grip. It took about 17 work thing I've done with a putter!!! Great customer service...highly recommend it..