Scotty Cameron California Delmar 1 of 500?

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I was at my local shop and checked out another SC model, and it had 1 of 500 engraved on the bottom of it. It was also $175 more than other SC models. What is special about this club?

By the way, it is a great putter. Very easy to keep on line. I am trying not to second guess the Monterey that I ordered, but I seemed to do better with the Delmar.


It was a Sonoma, not a Delmar. My mistake.


The first 500 putters that essentially roll off the assembly line at the factory are stamped 1 of 500.  Nothing really that special about them beyond that...they get a small premium in the secondary market but not enough to make it worth the extra price at retail...however the price you are looking at seems very low...are these new?