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Marcial G

How long is the turnaround time for a Custom build Ap2 712 kbs stiff shafts 1 degree flat? order was placed through golfsmith website on 3-12-2013

Jason G

I ordered almost the exact same set up (1/2" long) on 3/12 and received them on 3/18.  FYI....I ordered them through a local Titleist dealer and not online.



The longest I have ever waited for a direct order was 12 business days including shipping from CA to MA.

Marcial G


David Z

I ordered my clubs at roger Dunn on the 10th and I'm still counting down the dates. I guess it depends if they have your shafts in stock. I just hope they come with a landyard and some cool stickers. 

Marcial G

thanks guys. My ap2 came in this afternoon. not bad 6 business days