New irons

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Rory S

Hopefully these next 2 weeks go by really quickly. Just ordered my new AP2 irons with Dynamic Gold X100 shafts and SM4 wedges finished in tour chrome with X100 also. Can't wait to receive them picked up 5 more yards on my old TM irons 


Rory, sounds like you're going to have a hell of a setup. I was in the market for AP2 irons in January, but decided to get the AP1s since I am a second year golfer with a 14 Handicap. I absolutely love them. Definitely one of the best looking GI irons out there. How many wedges did you get, and what lofts are they?

andrew b

Congrats on the new irons and wedges, enjoy! IMO, the AP2 irons are the best blend of technology and looks of any iron set in history. I have all three (3) iterations of the AP2's and for me, there is no better iron in the game.