913 d2 d+ white 72 vs 910 d2 ahina 72

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I just tried 913 d2 d+ white 72 today, it felt really good. If I would like to duplicate similar feeling with 910 d2, ahina 72 is a good option to buy?

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Clifford M

Joong Sun P.  I don't think going from d+ white to ahina is a great idea.  The white is a high flex point, low torque, lower launching shaft that will generate a lower launch and spin than the ahina.  The Ahina will launch higher, spin more and has higher torque.  If you are looking to duplicate feel, I would personally get the same shaft, rather than changing shafts.


Thanks Clifford. 

Sure, as you recommended buying 913d2 with d+ white 72 is the first option. But it seems to me that 913 d2 is out of my budget so I started to look for alternatives. In terms of head 913 and 910 are pretty similar, but 910 doesn't have d+ white as a stock option. If you think ahnia is quite different from d+ white, what kind of stock shaft do you recommend?