AP2 w/ NS Pro Modus 3

Started by : Tom R |

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Tom R

Can the AP2 712 be built to D2 with a stiff Modus 3 shaft and a 50.5 gram grip?

Ken W

That shouldn't be a problem whether it's the Modus 3 Tour 120 or 130. Pretty much a standard weight shaft with a standard weight grip. If the length is not extremely short or long getting D2 should be routine for the custom department.

Tom R

Thanks Ken.  I take it D2 is the highest swing weight available with these shafts in the AP2?  When I run the numbers through the swing weight calculator it comes out to D0-D1 . . . the same swing weight that Nippon predicted when I contacted them.  I probably wouldn't notice one sw but I don't like the feel at D0.