Cleaning golf clubs.

I clean my Titleist golf clubs like Norris does with soap, water, and the brush drying them off with a NON-Titleist golf towel. I have never thought of using Simple Green to clean the grips. Thanks for the tip! I'll clean those grips with Simple Green tomorrow.


Do NOT use dish soap.  Dish soap has detergents & chemicals that STRIP paint & finish from your clubs / car.    You know how good they clean dishes, they will strip your clubs just as fast.

Either use just warm water & a sponge.    Or use a little car wash soap in warm water.  Car Wash Soaps have waxes & are meant to protect finishes of metals.     

I don't ever use dish soap since it does have those chemicals. I always use a bar of bath soap (Dial, Irish Spring, etc.) I usually just use a wet wash rag or dish rag to wipe down the grips, then dry with a clean towel (not Titleist) That seems to work pretty well for me.

I agree Don. About the only time I'll clean a club while I'm playing is if I get a wad of mud stuck on it. I'd rather spend my time concentrating on my game, and leave the cleaning to after my round. If I were a pro or playing in a tounament, it might pay to clean a club after each hit, but for a hacker, (and worm killer) like me, I don't think a dirty club would make that much differance, unless (like I said before) it had mud or dirt stuck to it.

Toothbrush, clean towel and always cold or room temperature water.  Be careful if you use warm water.   You could loosen the emblems or ferrule if the water is to warm.  Seen it happen.  No chemicals.