Getting Lofts Checked

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       I've had a set of 712 MB's for about 9 months now but have never had the lofts checked. I play about 4 times per week so they could be getting a little bent by now. How often should i get the lofts checked on my clubs to make sure i keep a consistent degree for distance?


                                                                                          Clay Cantrell


Ken W

Modern forgings keep their specs much more consistently than many models before 2000. For peace of mind, I still suggest have them checked once a season (twice a year if you can play year round). Of course if you hit a root or see something strange in the performance of an individual club, check it out. It's worth getting one of the hand gauges from a clubmaking supply place. You won't be able to bend the club but you'll know whether it is off spec significantly.

Francisco B

I play the ap2 and about 2-3 a week and I also would like to know what is general or common idea to check. Great question by the way