Recommendations/Opinions for 913 D2 shaft?

I am college athlete and play a TM R11s with x-stiff right now. I am getting a 913 D2 in next couple weeks and needing help on shaft selection. I swing average of 78 mpg and have mid and straight ball flight, distance average is 275-295 yards. I am looking for a mid-high ball flight and more control if possible. I am having trouble finding information to help me choose.  It would be much appreciated for options and combinations that you'd recommend!!


I personally have those same stats and desires and I play the 913 D2 with a Fujikura Motore F3 stiff. I like this shaft because the ball flight feels tight while also feeling like there is enough flex in the shaft.

Tony C

Mitsubishi Diamana Whiteboard a'hina X is the best shaft I've ever had in a club. What is the 78, though, MPH? If so, that seems low for x flex...

Justin; As always, be sure to see a Titleist fitter before you buy your driver. They can tell you exactly which shaft you need.  Also, a fitter can check your swing speed since I think your mistaken about the swing speed that you think you have. If your driver distance is 275-295 your SP will be well over 100mph. Probably about 120mph. I'm an old gezzer and my SP is 83-85mph, and I drive the ball 200-210. (maybe a 220 now and then with a stiff wind behind me, and a downhill fairway LOL)

Hi Justin,

Your distance seems pretty long for a 78 mph swing speed so I think your numbers might be a little off.  Regardless, with a swing speed around 78 mph you should really look at getting a shaft that has more flex.  You will greatly benefit from it and most likely get a better feel and a higher ball flight.  You will probably get the same answer from a lot of people on this site saying that "you should get fitted for the right shaft for you", which I agree with, but if you get a chance to demo some D2s, try a couple of shafts that have more flex, maybe the Diamana S+ Blue 62 S.

Thanks for the Information!

Okay I have been seeing a lot of comments about the 78 mph swing speed. Looks like machine that I was hooked up too is not as accurate as I thought. My average distance of 285-ish is 'real time' course averages. So take the 78 mph swing speed out of the description. I agree, I should be fitted, only downfall is I am in a slight time crunch and do not trust shop pro's at my golf course, (few bad reviews from friends). The nearest fitter that I am comfortable going to is 2 hours away, and no close demo days coming in near future. Thanks for the recommendations and comment! 

Yeah I've realized that it is low. The distance is 'real time' course averages. I have the feeling the machine I was hooked up to was not as accurate. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hey thanks for the information! I agree I SHOULD be fitted. Only downfall is I do not trust the fitter at golf course and nearest fitter I am comfortable with is 2 hours away and do not have time to make that trip to get fitted. Regarding the swing speed. The distance is averages at the course that I did the math and averaged out after a couple of rounds, after reading a couple posts I am beginning to believe the machine I was hooked up too is not as accurate as I believed. Thanks for the suggestion and information!