what irons?

Lou M

Jim - don't know if you have pulled the trigger yet but ...

Don't let emotions or ego get in the way, I didn't. I had always been a blade man - went to get fitted, ended up with AP1's with the new PXI shafts - best decision ever. I sometimes go to the local store an flit with the CB's,AP2's, cally X Forge, etc.. taking the 6 irons to the range for comparison, but always come back to the AP1. So go get fitted - they will provide the best club fit for your swing.


I had some 755 irons that I was going to attempt to use in a mixed set (freebies anyway) with AP1s.   Although they weren't hard to hit and  felt good, I had a 20 yard gap between the AP1 8 iron and the 755 9 iron (and I set the lofts of the 9 and PW within a degree of the AP1s).  Sorry, folks, love the AP1 distance.

In regards to ego - seniors have it right! The important thing is getting the ball in the hole with the fewest strokes.  HOW you get it there is irrelevant.  The 31H has been deadly between 140-150 since I constructed it.  Today I did a choke down shot from 135 and stuck the green on the last hole (got lazy and didn't feel like hitting an 8 iron).  I also stuck a par 3 with the 9 wood today.   Last time out I shot 39 (Adm Baker South front 9 par 37) and today 40 at Riverwalk Friars (par 36 same length but shorter par 3s and one less par 5 and much longer par 4s).