Utility Irons vs Hybrids

mark s

Guys I'm a handicap golfer and just hook hybrids like crazy, decided to buy a 712u 2 iron and it's simply amazing, off the fairway I can hit 250yards carry and a lot straighter than my hybrid or 3w best thing I done drop hybrid for long irons. 

A friend of mine can hit a 3 iron  very well but absolutely struggles with a fairway wood or a hybrid.

I sent a video to a golf pro and he noticed I was straightening my right leg out on the backswing.  2nd set showed I had an overly strong grip.

I now hit a 3 wood very well for the first time since 2006 and can hit a 22H.  I'm still a diehard 7 wood fan and have gotten so spoiled by hybrids that I don't carry anything above a 7 iron and I broke 80 last year.


I would not hesitate having a look at Titleist utility irons. I don't like hybrids I cant work them as well as I can work an iron. Make sure it works with your irons the length you get - as you seem settle on a 19 degrees. Make sure to get fitted especially try different shafts. I have tried the 712U with many different shafts and I do get a very different flights. Might be different for you. good luck Mads
Ok, My $.02. After my Doc cleared me to play beyond the putting green, I started last season at +18 handicap and finished up my last three rounds at par. I played a minimum of nine holes twice a week (which meant the front 9 over and over again)and spent hours on the range learning each club. My 910H 24 hybrid was the hardest club I ever tried to learn but practice led to a break through. My Pro weighed in with his Trackman analysis and I made the shaft weight and flex changes he recommended 61g or less A flex. GRRReat! Now I have a whole new animal in my bag! I can easily punch out 193+ yds out of my H24* and shot shaping is a breeze. It is my "go to" club on short yardage holes and making tricky layups. Yup, my 910H24 earned a Daphne's Tiger HC. It also lightened my bag by a couple of irons. But that's just me. If your hybrid still hates you after you wear it and yourself out on the range, try the U. I think you can get as good as anything your swinging if you practice with it long enough. Believe me you will know when it's working for you. Especially on a par 5 when you're in two. One or two putt out and you got the mojo. Keep what works and eBay the jerks.