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Christopher W

I recently sent a new Scotty Cameron Newport 2 into the Custom Shop for some work to be done to it.  I was wondering if anyone else has done the same over the past several weeks and what was your turn around time? I know it says 20 days but I figured that it may be a over exagerated quote. Is it a true estimate or should I expect it to be here longer than 20 days. I went with a Jet Setter JYD package and I have several tee times coming up in less 10 days. Wondering if I'm going to get it back in time or should I just consider it to be on the estimated track.  Kinda disappointed it took 7 days to get from the Titleist warehouse to the custom shop. You'd think being in stock and less than 5 miles away from each other they'd use a van to transport the putter in less than 2 days for processing. After spending over $3,000 on Titleist clubs in the past 2 months I wished they had a way to fast track your order. Anxiously waiting for this putter to complete my set!

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Chris,

The 20 days is the typical time that it takes to do custom shop work so I would plan on it.  It also looks like your putter order was put through custom putters, but it was built and arrived at the studio within 3 days of placing the order with us so a very quick turnaround.  It should be a beautiful putter once it is done!!


The custom shop has been slammed ever since they added the new finish options.  I wish I had better news but the turnaround is every bit of the 20 days and sometimes more. 

Christopher W

Thanks Cathi! The putter actually just got sent out today! Received on the 22nd and shipped back on the 29th is a great turnaround! I'm excited I guess you could say. The anticipation is killing me and can't wait to play with it.

Christopher W

Well I guess it's not the putter but a hat I forgot I purchased! Lol I guess it was to good to be true. Hope it comes by my San Diego trip Memorial Day weekend.

One Putt

20 days is right on target. I sent mine back earlier this year and it took 19 days. Well worth the wait!!