2008 Titleist AP2 2 iron

Started by : Michael K |

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Michael K

I purchased a set of Titleist AP2s 2-PW with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100's.  I know the 2 iron is rare.  I was going to sell it and keep 3-PW.

Is this tour issue model worth more than a regular 2 iron?

Skylar T

Ya, I would think there would be some people seriously interested in paying for an Ap2 2 iron because I have never seen one before. 


I play AP2 712s ans use a 695CB 2 iron.  I'd be interested Michael.  


Austin T

Was there an up-charge on the shafts when you bought them? If so, it is probably worth more than a regular 2 iron, but I'm not sure that it would really be worth a whole lot to anyone. I mean, I doubt that it is worth more now than when you bought it. But I have never had the need or desire to have a 2 iron in the bag.