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omar k

Hi Team Titleist, I am a 2 handicapper golfer, after qualifying for the Volvo Golf Champions and playing with Thoms Bejorn and Scott jameson I said it is time for a Iron change because I played the nickent ARC blades for 7 years, anyway I pulled the trigger on the 712 MB ordered them from golf smith to the middle east, the fitter in Duabi said that your height lie angel and every thing is pretty much standard and they felt great there and were on flying to flags in range.. So when they arrived it was great, but I know after a 3 days I could not hit a fade my natural shot and every thing with every club i was missing to the left some times it just started left and some times it curved to much I blamed the swing but when the other pros here hit them it was so hard to fade them 2 other pros were hitting left even with a pitching when i hit the pitching it also missing way left.  , my nicknet were overseas so i got 2 other clubs that i could hit fades with it i think they were snake eyes, and i could easily hit any shot shape with it, after putting them on a glass table you could see the closed face compared two snake eyes and i think adams cb.

my Q,  is this normal that the standard 712 mb are closed or have offset.

why are they closed the last thing I want is more draw on the ball?

what should i do?

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Omar,  None of the irons are closed and all irons have offset, although the MB's as well as the CB's have the least offset in the lineup.  It sounds like your fitter may want to take a look at your lie angle or length.  I have contacted our representative in Dubai and they will be emailing you shortly.

omar k

Thanks Cathi, the reason I got these were that they were the least amount of offset, can it be I got some one else  irons shipped to me because if pitching is going left then there is a problem, see the thing is in Duabi he said every thing is standard, my stay there was only for 2 days he did not have the irons there so when i left to Saudi i ordered them all standard 712 mb wtih s300 on golf smith.  The only iron that goes some what fine is the 4 iron. Quite disappointed here. 

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

I don't think you would have received the wrong clubs, but our Middle East rep will be contacting you, if you haven't already spoken with him.

omar k

Still no middle east rep has contacted me.

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Omar,

I understand that David contacted you last weekend and that you are working with them to resolve everything.

Kurt V

I'd bet that they are too upright. That will make the ball come out left. You will especially notice on wedges and half shots. Get the lie angle checked! With good players I tend to bend the higher lofted clubs a bit flat and the long irons upright.