AP2 Irons

I just received my new AP2 irons. The clubs have KBS Tour shafts and were shipped in two batches (4-7 iron, then 8-W). I noticed the serial numbers dont match between the two batches (i.e., 4-7 are same, and 8-W are the same, but the batches are different!

Why is this and does it matter?


Did you order from an authorized Titleist dealer?  My understanding is that Titleist irons only have the serial # on the hosel of the 6-iron, and not all clubs.  I have the 2008 AP2's and only the 6-iron has a serial #.


This won't matter, since we can always look up the serial # and it will identify with the specs they were requested at.



I just received my AP2s and there is A serial number on the hoses of each club.

yes I was fit by an authorized dealer and purchased the clubs through him. 

KBS tour stiff shafts in standard length.

My mistake Stephen.  The stock irons, which I have, only have the serial # on the 6 iron hosel.  Custom clubs have them on each iron.