Switching to Titleist Clubs

Hello Bryan

     I switched from the MB by TM to MB by Titleist best decision I have made..  Much further distance, greater workability. All around much better clubs.. I have always used Vokey wedges and in my opinion the best wedges on the market. As for the Scotty Cameron once you get the right putter for you, you will never find a better putter..


   Good luck with your decision and keep hitting them straight...  

Hey Bryan, 

I was pretty much all cally like you and only just recently swapped out my X Prototype irons for some 712MBs.  Within a few rounds it was like I'd been playing them for a year.  You won't regret going with the CB's or any of the Titleist irons. As for the driver and metal woods, I fell in love with them when I switched to the 910's a year & a half ago.  When you make the switch, find a Titleist fitter, it makes ALL the difference and is well worth the money.