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Arba S

Can you make a 1 iron to match the "CB" irons?

John L

order a 2 iron bent 2 degrees strong. thats a one iron

not trying to be a smart a$$ but thats what i did

cheers greens and fairways simba

Ritch G

The loft of today's 2 iron is about the same as the 1 iron I had in my bag 30 years ago.  I still have the club in the garage.  I hold it over my head if I have to go outside in a thunderstorm because as Trevino said, "even God can't hit a one iron."

Fred C

Shoot - today's 3 iron is virtually the same as the 1-iron Nicklaus and Hogan carried.


If I were in your position I would look into the 712u ... It is a beautiful club and it is not difficult to hit. I think they may even make a 1 iron equivalent--if nit they definitely have a 2 iron @ 18*. 

The other option is to get a 2 iron and have it bent 3 to 4 degrees. Just remember that with bending the club you may need to have a minor bit of grinding to do ...

Good luck!!