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Guest U

I Have A 913 D3 That Has Been In The Bag For About Six Months. My Past Few Rounds There Has A Rattling In The Shaft. At First I Thought It Was Just The adjustable Slots Rattling Together But I Am starting To Think Different. Has Anyone Else Experienced This?
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If we built the shaft with the adaptor, take it to your local shop and have them set up a Warranty inspection and repair.  You should not be hearing a rattle.

mark w

Yep. I tapped my 913 on the ground before a tee shot yesterday. It rattled a little bit. It seemed tight. I had my torque wrench in my bag. The set screw had loosened a bit. I tightened it down. Rattle went away. I'm glad I had my wrench with me...30 second repair/adjustment.