714 Iron Set

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Ryan Napoli

Anybody have a realistic answer to when the new 714 iron set will be released. Looking forward to the new MBs!

Graham M

Hi Ryan,

I reckon late October to mid November for the 714 model, will be worth the wait!!!

Jeff H


They will be out in November, to the public.


November 15th I think is usually the release date. 

Jimmy Bilsky III

i remember when getting the 710's right as they came out in September. But either way, the new ones look sweet. Anyone heard anything about a possible 714u? I know they just came out with the 712u, but it would kinda make sense to make a 714u to go with the new line. 

Joseph G

I want them now to be honest, havin a hard time waitin! Thx for the info, thought they mite have come out sooner.

Anthony E

They posted that there wont be a new line of 714U..

Todd S

Titleist usually releases new product after the PGA show in Feb. so looking at March more than likely.

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional


The normal iron release to the public is mid-November. I would expect that the 714s will follow this.

Ryan Napoli

Thank you all for the comments, appreciate it

Jason J


     I talked to my Titleist Rep he said fitting should be pretty soon thinking late August Early Sept.  Hit stores a little later I assume.

Ryan Napoli

Thank you Jason.