Vokey Graphite Ion Finish

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Roy G

I recently purchased a TVD K lob wedge from Wedgeworks with the Graphite Ion finish. Is this finish plated, or oxide? I would like to strip the finish to a raw finish but am not sure if that is possible if it is plating. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Team Titleist Staff

Brice Waddell

Hi Roy-

The Graphite Ion finish is a color treated nickel plating, so you will not be able to remove the finish like you can with a raw carbon treatment like Oil Can or Black Oxide.  Let us know if you have any other questions.

Brice Waddell
Titleist Golf Clubs Marketing 

Club Champion


The K grind I have with the Ion finish has great wear marks.  It looks very cool the way its wearing in.  Great product.


Dr. Kovatchian

Getting a pair of K's this week....TOTALLY STOKED FOR SOME FRESH GROOVES!!!!!