910h shaft conversion to 913h

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This is a question for Cathi or Cameron (or anyone else who might know).

It is my understanding that you can send in a Titleist installed 910h hybrid shaft/adapter to have a 913h adapter installed in its place.  My question is whether the overall length of the shaft/adapter will be the same, given that the 913h adapter appears to be smaller/shorter.  More importantly, when placed in a 913h head, will the overall length be the same as the 910h? (e.g. will a 19 degree head play to standard length 40.5" if it was originally standard length in the 910h)

Thank you for your time.

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Cameron D

Yes, the overall length is maintained when you make these conversions from 910 to 913 shaft adapters.




Thanks Cameron.

I appreciate the quick reply.  Time to convert to the 913!