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Robert E

I wonder if I can send in my Scotty Cameron putter to get the face remilled?  If so  what do I need to do( cost --sent to what address)  It's a CIRCA-62   Model No 3

Chris S

I would check out Go to the custom shop and send them a message or give them a call. They will have all the info you need.

 Chris S

Andrew A

Yes, you can send the putter back to Scotty's custom shop to get it fully restored as well as personalized with a vast number of options.  If it's it's your current gamer you may want to wait until your off-season as it usual talks about 2 month to turn-around and it's $175.  The link is below.

Christopher K

Follow the link to the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop.  They offer "Restoration" which includes re-milling the face, paint fill, re-shafting, re-gripping, and returning club to original lie and loft.  You can also customize any of these options as well as add stamping and weighting.

My wife did this for me as a Christmas present a couple of years ago.  I have a Laguna 2.5 and it was pretty beat up at the time.  When I got it back it was like getting a brand new putter, with my initials stamped in the toe, of course.  I highly recommend this service.

Josh G

Send it in!  You won't believe what you get back.  The thing will look brand new

Luke W

i have the same putter as you a circa 62 model #3 and i have just a few nicks around the ends. would restoration fix those as well???