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Jayden H

Titleist Distance Through Research

These irons were given to me after my father passed away in 2009. They have been in my bag ever scence, I would like to replace them soon. I have never seen them before and have no information on when they were made. I would also want to know if they have any value today. 

If you have any information on these Irons please let me know

Don O

Titleist has a link at the bottom of their website for club archive - this is the link -


So they are older than 1993.  The PGA Value Guide is $ 14.14 for an 8 club set.  You can try bidding them on eBAY starting at $100 and see if there is someone looking for an early set.

They would be a fine set for you to use on special occassions (...all rounds if you have no other set) or to display on a wall in the man cave.  The sentimental value to you will be far greater than market.

David S


My dad gave me a new set of DTRs a couple of years after I finished grad school (1991). As I understand it they are one of the first cavity back irons Titleist made. I think they started making them in 1987 or so. Prior to this, I think muscle back blades ruled the golf course. I've also been in contact with both USGA and Titleist, and both confirmed that these clubs are not compliant for tournament play because of the groves. USGA does not list them in their database, most likely because they never received a full set to test. Someone at Titleist confirmed for me that they are the old "square" groves. If you play them in a USGA-sanctioned event, according to the Rules of Golf, you will be disqualified. Because of this, they probably don't have any monetary value, especially if you plan to trade them.

I still have the original box they came in, and the price for 8 irons (3-PW) was $380. Dad also got me the matching metal woods (1,3 and 5) which I still play, though I take a lot of ribbing for using an 11 degree driver that is smaller than a modern 3-wood.

I too plan to replace my DTRs with my next set of Titleists (Titleist has no idea that my dad, a non-golfer, started me on the path to being a Titleist-only user when he gave me these clubs), but I plan to hang on to the DTRs. You may want to do the same with yours, especially if you have fond memories of playing golf with your father.


Jayden H

Thank you this realy helps

Jayden H

I was just looking at the previous models and my DTR looks completely different. I am having difficulties Inserting the Image of the Irons, do you have an email i can send the picture to?

David S

I'll try and post one later this evening.
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