Which Irons to match feel of Spin Milled SM4 wedges?

Started by : tom b |

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tom b

I recently upgraded my wedges to the new Spin Milled SM4 wedges. The feeling and accuracy with these are remarkable!

I have a 52, 56 and 60 and just ordered the 46 to replace my PW. Next I want to upgrade my irons to match the same feel of these wedges. What would you suggest as the perfect iron to compliment these wedges? I am an 8 HC - trending downward - especially since adding these to the bag.

Thank you!

Christian G

Hey Tom, 

Nice wedge setup you have there.  I'd say give the CB's a try and even the MB's.  If you're lowering your handicap from an 8 then you're obviously a good player and hit the ball pretty consistently.  There's no reason you couldn't play either of those models and you'll get a feel closer to the SM wedges than the AP's would give.  Just my 2 cents, but get out there and test them for yourself and see which produces better numbers on a launch monitor, but more importantly which one's feel the best to you. 

Wayne G

I'm thinking the 712 mb and 712 cb irons.

tom b

Thanks! Looking at them both - but will wait for the 2014's. Man these wedges are addicting!