Titleist 735 CM "FSS" irons

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Josh N

Hey all,

I just picked up a beautiful used set of Titleist 735 CM irons stamped with a hammer and anvil and "FSS."  I used to play the chrome version of these irons and I know there was a stainless steel version made, too.

BUT - does anyone know what "FSS" stands for?  I can't find anything much online.

Also, the set is 4-PW.  All the clubs have the stamp except the 7-iron and PW.  Any thoughts as to why they don't have the stamp?  Replacement clubs maybe?




Josh N

OK...I'm thinking FSS stands for Forged Stainless Steel.  Some on on GolfWRX said the ones with the anvil stamps are prototypes.  Can someone from Titleist confirm?