Leading Edge On My Titleist 712 MB's

Started by : Beau T |

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Beau T

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had sharpened the leading edge on their irons. I am wondering if there would be any rules broken if I altered the original state of my irons.   I feel as if I would benefit from having sharper leading edges.

Please respond and let me know!


Sorry Beau, Can't help you with the question but I play 712mbs also and just wanted to know how you would benefit with sharper leading edges? I cut through the turf easily with these. Just curious. 

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

David Browning

As long as you're not doing anything major, such as changing the grooves, you'll be OK. However, make sure you know EXACTLY what you're doing, as this will alter the bounce a touch and the way the club travels through impact. If you don't do it right, well, good luck. Also, remember that ANY altercations to your 712's will VOID the Titleist warranty.

Beau T

well my girlfriend's dad has a set of ben hogan apex blades and the leading edges on those are like razors. hitting them gives me the feeling of easier turf interaction and makes me feel like i can hit flush shots with ease off tight lies.