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Richard S. W

I have come to my senses and returned to Titleist irons.  A few years back I strayed to another so called big name manufacturer and regretted it almost from day one.  712MB's are a welcome sight in my bag.  I have played Titleist blades from the late 80's until the mid 2000's and almost forgot how solid they feel when struck.  I am looking forward to get my handicap back down to 2 or better (its amazing how a wife, mortgage and job have a habit of raising your handicap!!!).




Welcome back Richard!

fred k

have a kid and watch your handicap soar!  just kidding - everything (including golf) just isn't that important now that i've got a 5 month old at home.

good luck getting that handicap back down!


Mike C

So, if I get rid of my wife, house and job my handicap should go down... right??

If I do that, the kids might kill me and my handicap would be frozen forever!!

I think I may just stick with Titleist equipment and a little practice and hope for the best!!

Welcome back, Richard!