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mike h

I'm looking to buy some new irons and am looking to join team titleist...... I shoot 76-82 usually with my old tommy armour 845..... and I'm interested in the ap1 or ap2..... my main question is..... why not use the ap1 if they are so forgiving? I can draw or fade the ball now..... I'll go to my local fitter, Miles of Golf, in Ypsilanti to try them both, but I'd like a little advice before I go...... its says the ap2 are more "workable".... but if u hit the ball with a closed face its going left, and if your face is open its going right...... so how is one style of club more "workable" than another?

Dan W

Hi Mike,

Regardless of what you may read about any golf club, it comes down to how YOU feel about its performance. I tried the AP1's but the ball flight was too high for me. I tried the AP2's and couldn't hit them worth a hoot. As a lark, I tried the CB's and fell in love. They had the ball flight I was looking for, the right distance, there was much more forgiveness in them than I thought and, like all Titleist clubs, the feel of the ball coming off the clubface was great.

Seek the advice of a professional fitter but go with the club that you believe in. Don't worry about what you read about them.

Keep it in the short grass!