SureFit loft adjustment effects...

My coach today said something to us that I didn't think was true, so I'm contacting the experts to confirm.

"Adjusting a driver to less loft will naturally open the club face"..."Adjusting a driver to higher loft will close the club face"

I thought SureFit technology was different, but on the SureFit matrix there's nothing about club openness or closeness.  The lie angles all stay the same when you adjust loft alone.  Thanks for your help.


Your coach is right.  When you lower the loft, the effective face angle is open and when you raise the loft, the effective face angle is closed if you sole the driver. The SureFit Tour hosel mechanically adjusts loft and lie angle, not face angle, which is why we don't add face angle on the chart.  A change in face angle comes from the fact that when you change loft angle, you also change the ground contact point on the sole.  When you add loft, the ground contact point shifts back and when the driver is soled, the face angle closes (the face angle only changes if you sole the driver). Vice versa on delofting.

If you change the setting to A4 (as a RH), you mechanically add 1.5° of loft to the driver.  If you sole the driver, the face can close because of the ground contact point.  Most players will then take the face and square it, and by squaring it, adding the 1.5° loft.  If you change the setting and do not square the face, you will hit the club with a closed face angle and the ball will go left. 

The chart is based on the player squaring the face at impact.

Thank you very much Cathi.  Great explanation that answered my question.  Additionally, thanks for all your help over the past few posts I made regarding my driver.  The 910D2 I had was causing me frustration....3,000+ rpm, even at 11° launch angle, and it just got higher.  I picked up a 913D3 yesterday, demo'd it and got south of 2,600 rpm with the Diamana D+ 72X...but it's being re-gripped as we speak, I'm just really concerned that 7.5° is going to hurt me, and look weird if I need to go up to A4 setting.

Hi Cathi,

I was recently made aware of this by my teaching pro.  What would be useful is to know how much the effective face angle is when you increase/decrease the loft based on the chart.

This is important for me as I have a natural draw.  I recently tried the A4 setting on my 913D2 8.5* (setting the loft to 10*).  While I liked the launch and trajectory in this setting better, I ended up going back to the standard A1 setting because I was drawing to much.


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Hi Greg,  The effective face angle only comes into play if you sole the club.

If you square the clubface at impact to hit it squarely, all you have done is add loft, not changed face angle.  You should not see any additional movement left or right if you are on the third column of the chart (A4, D4, A1, D1) and you square the face at impact.

Keep in mind that just a twitch in your hands will move the face angle more than opening or closing 1.5°.  If you look at your watch face and from 12-3 is 45°.  Moving it 1 or 2 degrees is very minute and your hands, and/or body can affect it much more.

Paul; Going to the A4 setting will put you at 9* loft which is still fairly low, and you will probably be the only one that knows what your driver is set at, so you're the only one that thinks it looks weird (for the life of me, I don't know why) and who cares what anyone else thinks. If A4 works best for you, then use it, and don't worry about what it looks like. Once you get your 913D3 set where it works best for you, and your hitting the ball down the middle of the fairway, you'll forget all about what the "Surefit" Hosel is set on. Set it where it works best for you and have fun.


I picked up the 913D3 today.... all I can say is WOW!  Easily 15-20 yards longer on the holes I hit driver on my home course.  And mishits.... Holly Cow!!!  the ball still flies far!  I intentionally swung slower to try and obtain a feel for the club and I was no doubt blown away by the performance!  The launch monitor numbers I generated when fitting translated directly to the course, and I'm  really happy.

Regarding the specs of SureFit... I ditched the 7.5° head before I left the shop, and instead went with the 8.5°.  A poster in anther forum mentioned the aspect of grip position when adjusting SureFit.  The 8.5° is set at 7.75° and I'll switch back and forth depending on needs.  This way, the grip won't look crooked if I need more loft.  If the day comes that I need 10°, I'll probably just have it re-gripped.  Below are the clubs I switched from and to.  Thanks to all.

Old:  910D2   8.5°   Project X7B3 6.5 tipped to play 44.5

New: 913D3  8.5°   Diamana white D+   72X  45"

Can't tell anybody much about the drivers but can tell about fairways and hybrids.

910H 27* worked best for me on the D3 setting.  A3 would go 5 yards left.  D3 was slightly left of center, A2 was slightly right of center and D2 was 5 yards left.

910F 19* worked best on the A3 setting.  Anything else would fade.  The club would sit square naturally on the A3 setting.  It would appear to sit open on the other settings.   I could make all settings hit straight, fade or draw.



I'm so happy with the 913D3 I've decided to get fit for a 913Fd.  


Will I be able to switch back and forth between my 910f and 913Fd heads... using the same shaft?  My current 910F is a great club, but if I pick up a 913Fd I'm gonna want to flip flop the heads depending on what course I play.  



 The answer to your fairway question is no. The 913 fairways have a different hosel than the 910's. 

You can switch shafts between the 910 and 913 drivers tho.

 Chris S

Paul D


I'm so happy with the 913D3 I've decided to get fit for a 913Fd.  


Will I be able to switch back and forth between my 910f and 913Fd heads... using the same shaft?  My current 910F is a great club, but if I pick up a 913Fd I'm gonna want to flip flop the heads depending on what course I play.  


Chris is right, you will not be able to switch back and forth because the adaptors are different.  However, if you have an upcharge shaft on your 910 and we built it for you (910 adaptor matches shaft), we offer a retipping service and will retip your 910 with a 913 adaptor.  The MSRP for that is $45.00 and you can take it to any authorized Titleist pro shop and they can set that up for you.