913 vs 910 Tables

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Charlie B

I have a mix of older 910s in my bag along with the new 913d. They have different setup charts, both of which I've lost Where can I go and get copies of each? By the way I enjoy the clubs and for the 910f I still make adjustments (ie windy today or hot and still). The technology is great but as I age (63) I wonder if this is @real@ golf. Then again it allows me to stand on the tips and still compete fairly well with younger guns out there.
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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Charlie,  The 910 and the 913 performance charts are the same.  Here is a link to the chart: 



Thanks for the info about the web site Cathi. This is a great site. It is very simple to understand and very informative. This tells step by step how to adj. the Surefit Hosel, and should be understandable to everyone. Thanks Cathi, and Team Titleist for all your help, and support of your customers. Your the best in the business.

Charlie B

Thanks Team Titlest for the info and link.  Helpful info and since I've memorized the basic chart for 910f I now have to work at memorizing setups for my 913 d2