Do you remember the first Titleist club you owned?

Late 70's Titleist AC-108 2-PW they were sweet.

A couple of years ago, I bought my first Vokey wedge.  It was a 56*.  Once I played it, I had to get more, so I then got a 48*, 52* and 60*.  Then I moved onto the 910 D2, 910F, and 910H.  The only thing left are my irons...maybe next year?

The first Titleist club in the bag was a Vokey 60 degree wedge.  I won it at a golf outing and, compared to the png tour wedges I was using, was awesome.  I was an instant Vokey junkie after hitting that club and moved my irons and woods over to Titleist shortly after and have never looked back. 

My First Titleist Clubs were a set of DCI-990 Irons, followed by a 975J driver shortly thereafter.

Vokey 200 Sires Chrome 56 - 14

PT15 3W. Served as my "driver" for a long-time. Still have it.

962B's - had them in the bag for nearly 10 years until a set of 695cb's....and so on and so forth...

DCI Black. played them for 10 years.