2014 Custom Iron Shafts

Cathi,, Thanks for the reply

Given the hope of the Recoil Prototype 110  F4 and F5 getting added (hopefully sooner than later) I will not order new irons until it gets approved.

I will continue to check for this shaft being added to the matrix.  

Thanks for your patience in my incessant questions on the Recoils, I just know what I want to put in the 714 AP2s.


Was wondering if there is any update as to the recoil prototype 110 shafts being approved yet?

Or are they still in the bin to go thru the approval process?

Still waiting to order the AP2s. 


Hi  Mike,  They have not been approved yet.  We have the standard Recoil 110 available or the Recoil Prototype 95 and 125,  Please note that every day, all the shaft vendors send in shafts to get them through the approval process.  As shafts go through each test, if they do not pass, they get sent back to the shaft vendor to be reworked or perhaps dropped in favor of another shaft that is more in use.  It can be a long process as new shafts are coming out all the time.  We do have the Standard Recoil 110 and both of the Prototype shafts that we can send to a fitter for any scheduled fitting if you would like to try a shaft that has passed our shaft testing protocol. 


appreciate your answers.

I just ran into Mike Summerville from Titleist at a PGA store Titleist demo day.

He said the Tour van guys told him the recoil prototype 110 had just been approved today!

So I will be ordering the AP2s by Friday.

Thanks for all the correspondence and excited about the recoil prototype 110s finally being approved.



Hi Mike,  Unfortunately, I just spoke with the head of R and D and that shaft has not gone through final approval and is not on the list.  It is possible that Tour was talking about the standard 110, because they have not been given any approval on the Prototype 110. 

The Titleist Tour Van will be coming to my course in June. I want to get fitted into new AP2's with graphite shaft. What options will they have along to work on in the fitting? I'm wanting to test between the Recoil and RIP shafts. Any chance the Aldila RIP will be available by then?

Hi Rick,  They will not have the Aldila RIP shafts, but will have the Recoils as well as the Aerotechs and the heavier weight Kurokage 85.