Difference in 712 or 714?

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Benjamin T
I have the classic png eye2's from 1990 and am looking for an upgrade. I have narrowed it down to either the titleist ap2 or cb irons. I am wondering if I should get the cheaper 712 irons or the more expensive 714 irons. Is there a big performance and price difference between the two? Thanks for your input!

The differences between the 712 AP2 and the 714 AP2 are threefold.   Better and more solid feel through the turf - we improved the sole design by smoothing down the leading edge so that it reduced digging at entry and we added progressive camber which will help control the divot length.  The flight has been improved - the long irons are easier to hit in the air because we have lowered the CG, and precision placed a high density Tungsten in the dual cavity.  In the short irons, we raised the CG, narrowed the sole and moved the Tungsten so that it is easier to control trajectory.   The 714's are also more fogiving than the 712 as we have been able to increase the MOI and still give you playability, with consistent speeds and distances.
We have strengthened the lofts of the 6-W by one degree so here are the new lofts of the 714 AP2's.

AP2 714




















Hi Tim,  I don't have your individual iron specs as we no longer have those spec sheets, but here are the standard specs and yours were .5" longer and 2 up from there.

Irons 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 P
Length 39.0" 38.5" 38.0" 37.5" 37.0" 36.5" 36.0" 35.75"
Loft 21* 24* 27* 31* 35* 39* 43* 47*
Lie 60* 61* 62* 62.5* 63* 63.5* 64* 64*

Here are the exact specs for my AP2 710's.   So it does prove that the 1* is correct.

The 714's will be in my bag by the end of the year.


I took my AP 1s back to Edwin Watts and they tweaked the lofts and eliminated a few mini gaps. These Titleist iron are amazing.

We played yesterday afternoon in a steady 2 club wind. I had let one hole get a way from me and was 3 back with 2 to go. I had the confidence in these irons to fighting. We finished tied. This was a little battle between hackers and it was a blast.

Thanks Titleist! I'm sold on these clubs. And my golf buddy is now.