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John M

The new 714 AP1 irons have changed the swing weight to D1 from the 712 AP1 D2 weight.  Why did Titleist make the change?  Also, should I go to a graphite stiff shaft, standard length, what would the new swing weight change to with the 714 AP1's?

Don O

Most gofers can't tell swing weights of +/- 2 swing weights. let alone 1.

You can specify swing weights when ordering irons custom fitted.   I'm not sure if your question about shaft is directly related to the swing weight change.  You wouldn't adjust the shaft to adjust the swing weight.  You can get more adjustment from using a lighter grip You should get the best shaft for your swing and let Titlest try to match swing weights to your specs.

John M

Over the years, I’ve owned and played with different clubs and swing weights.  Currently, I play png G-5 irons with a stiff steel shaft.  (I still own a set of Titleist Acushnet irons, from the 1980’s, that were too light weight and I lost distance playing them.)  My favorite irons were the cally VFT Ti Hawkeye irons with a stiff graphite shaft with a swing weight of D0.  I am looking to go back closer to that club’s feel and distance.  My concern is that I must order the Titleist AP1 graphite w/ stiff shafts and cannot pre-hit them.  Yes, I have hit a screwed in shaft that likely has a different swing weight and feel, but it will not give me an accurate feel for what I am purchasing.  What would you recommend?
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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi John

The fitting head and shaft will be the same swingweight and feel as a built shaft.  We did a lot of research and development to make sure we were fitting with the same set up that a player would receive as an ordered club.  If you order the 714 AP1 irons with the KuroKage 65 LB shafts in stiff flex with standard length and grip, we can build it at D1 which is what your fitting club should have been.  When your pro shop places the order, have them specify the D1 or D0 if you prefer.