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913 driver weights

Mark F

I just ordered a 913 D2 driver and I have a question about the weight on the sole.  I noticed on the sight that there is a red dot on the weight and that I could order different weights or a weight kit.  My question is, what would the effect be by putting in different weights?  I assume that it has to do with launch and spin etc., but I don't know exactly what.  Thanks for your help.

Mark F

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  1. Cameron D


    The bezel weights on the sole of the 913 metal woods is only a swing weight component and will have no direct influence on launch and spin.



  2. Mike H

    Why would we change from the stock red dot weight? Just feel?

    Will the lighter weight allow me to have a higher swing speed? But less impact?


  3. Cameron D


    Changing the weight will help maintain a certain feel in swing weight.  If you shorten or lengthen the club, altering the swing weight, the bezel weight will assist in getting the club back to a certain preferred swing weight.  The lighter weight won't directly increase club head speed, but may have some effect on club head speed and ball speed. 



  4. Mike H

    It's a little too cold outside to test my adjustment, but when it gets warmer i'll be right out there. I went with heavier to slow down my swing (like a sledge hammer) and try to straighten out my drive. I'm sure I'll move the weight up and down untill the season get's started and my ball finds the perfect swing! LOL

    Thanks for the info!

  5. Chris92009

    If you are particiular about your golf clubs like many of us, then the idea of purchasing an accessory weight kit may be of value to you.  I picked one up and it is worth its weight in gold for me especially as I play with larger grips or extra wraps of tape under the grips.  Plus, if you decide to change the length of the shaft for any reason the swing weight will be thrown off.  Basically if you add weight to the grip or shorten the club the swingweight (feel) of the club become lighter and thus you may wish to go to a heavier bexel weight and for lengthening your clubs you may wish to lighten the bexel weight.  While feel is very personal, I tend to stay around D3 to D5 for most of my clubs (Driver, FWY and Hybrids which all take the same bezel type of weight found in the accessory weight kit). 

    Good Luck!


  6. Mike H

    Thanks for all the suggestions Chis92009,

    I'll let everyone know how the testing goes! I'm sure it will go back and forth a few times.

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