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Dan C

Just wondering what everyone likes to play.  I am a junior golfer in the state of SC and here is whats in my bag:

Driver:  Titleist 913D3 8.5* Motore Speeder Tour Spec VC 6.0-Stiff

Woods:  Titleist 913F 15* Aldila RIP Phenom 80g-Stiff

Hybrid:  Titleist 913H.d 18* Project X HD3 Tour Issue 6.0

Irons:  miz MP-64 3-P Project X 6.0 +1/2"

Wedges:  Vokey TVD M 50* 54* 60* Brushed Chrome w/ Initials in TVD Red and Tour Saw in Black/Red on the toe (Vokey Custom on the toe of the 60 which has snow stamping) Red Wedgeworks Shaft Band Project X 6.0 +1/2"

Putter:  Scotty Cameron GoLo 34" Super Stroke Ultra Slim grip

Ball:  Titleist ProV1x (I prefer the 2012 model)

Glove: FJ StaSof

Grips:  Lamkin Crossline Full Cord Midsize with two wraps of tape

Bag: Titlieist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag in Red and Black.

**I do have 15 clubs but I rotate either the 3 iron, hybrid or a wedge based on what course I am playing.  I do this because I play in many tournaments at many different courses of many different yardages.

Please ask any questions you may have!


Dan C.

george t

913D3 9.5* Aldila RIP 60 Stiff

910F 15* MFT kaili Stiff

910H 19* MFT ilima Stiff

913H 24* Diamana blue S+ 82 hyb Stiff

712 AP2 5-PW Dynamic Gold Stiff

Vokey SM4 52*, 56*, 60* Dynamic Gold Stiff

SC California Fastback, 34" SuperStroke

Titleist 14-Way Premium Stand Bag


Jake P

Putter: Scotty Cameron Square Back 2 with limited edition Cinco De Mayo headcover

Wedges: Titleist Vokey Sm4 58* and 54*

Irons: i15 s300 shafts 4-pw

Hybrid: A12

3Wood: Titleist 913f 15*

5Wood: Superfast 2.0 18*

Driver: 910d2

Grips: All clubs have Blue and black multicompounds

Ball: 2013 ProV1

I am also a junior golfer, what do you shoot? 

Tyson F

Driver Titleist 910 D2 Rip 60  7.75*

3W TM Rocketballz Tour Spoon 13*

5W TM Rocketballz Tour 18*

Hybrid TM Burner 21*

Irons Titleist 710 AP1 4-W

Wedge Vokey SM 56*

Putter TM Daddy Long Legs 35

FootJoy Glove

Titleist ProV1x balls

Current Index 4.5

Allen L

Ttileist 913 D2, 10.5 Degree, Diamana Blue Shaft
Titleist 913 FD, 15 Degree, Diamana Blue Shaft
Titleist MB-712, Steel Shafts
Vokey, SM 2, Chrome, 62 / 7
Vokey, SM 2, Chrome 56 / 8
Scotty Cameron, GoLo
Titleist Pro V1
Titleist Pro V1x 
Titleist Tour Balata, 100
Titleist Gloves
FJ Shoes

Divot Tool from Pinehurst #2
GPS by Garmin, G3
Tees from Walmart 

All bags have gone to the dump, will replace them in March along with a new set of Golf Pride Jumbo grips for the clubs. 

Ron C

Driver : 913 9.5* Diamana D+ White 82 gram X tipped 1"

 3 Wood: 913 15* Diamana D+ White 82 gram

Irons:  710 CB 2, 4-PW Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issue

Wedges: Vokey SM4 52*, 56*, 60* Dynamic Gold Stiff

Putter: Scotty Cameron Select Newport 1.5

Ball: Titleist Pro V1X Number 8

Glove: Footjoy

Bag: Titleist Staff Bag


Club Champion

Steve H

913 D-3 10.5/Aldila Rip 60/Stiff

913-Fd 13.5/Aldila Rip 80 Phenom/Stiff

913-H 18/Low Spin/Aldila Rip 80 Phenom/Stiff

AP2-712/Steel/S300/Stiff/Soft Step--Custom Fit and Bend

Vokeys-TVD's/Custom Wedgework Design/Snow Stamped..60/Melanie, 56/Jennifer, 52/Gunnar (All Family)

Scotty Cameron- California Monterey 1.5

Titleist Playes Glove

Mid-Size Staff Bag/Team Titleist Design/Custom Logo

Titleist Tour Velvet Grips

Pro-V1x-Custom/"66-Team Titleist" (lowest rount in competition)

FJ Custom Icons



Ciliandry F

Driver: 913D2 8.5* Titleist 'Ilima 61 (Stiff) C3

Fairway Wood: 913Fd 18* Titleist 'Ilima 71 (Stiff) B2

Hybrid: 913H 19* Diamana BlueBoard+ 82 (Stiff) D4

              913H 21* Diamana BlueBoard+ 82 (Stiff) D4

Irons: 714CB 4-PW Dynamic Gold XP95 (S-300)

Wedges: Vokey SM4 52.08 Dynamic Gold XP95 (S-300)

                 Vokey TVD-M 58 Dynamic Gold XP95 (S-300)

Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 34"/350g

Grip: New Decade MultiCompound

Ball: ProV1X

Tee: Zero Friction - Red

Glove: Footjoy PureTouch Limited

Bag: Titleist Midsize Staff Bag


I too am a junior golfer. What I play:

Driver: Titleist 905R 9.5* Graphite Design YS-6+ Stiff

Wood: TM Rocketballz Stage 2 15* Rocket Fuel 60 Gram Stiff

Driving Iron: Titleist 503H 19* Aldila NV Hybrid 85- Stiff

Irons: miz MP-64 Project X 5.5

Wedges: Vokey 200 Sires Raw 56-14 and Vokey Spin Milled 60-10

Putter: Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport Mid Slant 33 in. w/ Red Baby T Grip

Glove: Titleist Perma-Soft

Ball: Titleist 2012 ProV1


Driver- 913 D-2 10.5/Aldila Phenom 70 /Stiff

Fairway- 913-Fd 15/Diamana Blue Board/Stiff

Hybrid- 913-H 19/Diamana Blue BoardStiff

Irons- (Just ordered the new AP2-714/4-PW/GW) I play 710 CB 4-PW/Steel/S300/Stiff/

Wedges- Vokeys-SM4/Bent to 51,55,59

Putter- Scotty Cameron- Studio Select Squareback 1.

Bag- Team Titleist 14 way stand bag

Grip- Goflpride 2G Tour 

Ball- Pro-V1x

Shoes- FJ BOASport

Club Champion


913 D-3 9.5/AD DI 7X/xStiff

913-Fd 13.5/PX/xStiff

913-HD 18/Low Spin/Aldila Rip 80 Phenom/xStiff

AP2-710/Steel/KBS Tour/Stiff+/Custom Fit and Bend.  * 714 AP2's/ DG S400/ Stiff+/ 5-PW.  custom specs on order

Vokeys-TVD's/M grind 60/K grind 56/Tour Grind 52

Scotty Cameron- GOLO S5.  Custom Heavy set up.

FootJoy PTL

Lightweight Stand bag/Team Titleist Design/Custom Logo

Titleist Tour Velvet Grips

Pro-V1x-Custom/#13 - TIGER



Greg W

  • 913D3 9.5* Aldila Phenom 70 grams, A1 setting (on short courses will replace with 910F 13.5* Aldila Phenom 70 grams, A4 setting)
  • 913F 15* Aldila Phenom 80 grams, A1 setting
  • 910H 19* Diamana 'Ilima, A1 setting
  • 712U 3-iron, KBS Tour S flex
  • 712 AP2 4-PW, KBS Tour X flex
  • SM4 50* KBS Tour (on short courses I might also take out the 3-iron and add a SM4 54* stock TT shaft)
  • SM4 58* stock TT wedge flex
  • Monterey Del Mar 35" Putter with two (2) 25 gram weights
  • Pro-V1 (Pro-V1x when playing windy conditions)
  • StaSoft gloves

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Lou G

TM 2007 Burner HT draw driver M flex 44.5" (Dri Tac Lite oversize grip).

910F 19* fairway (A2 setting) Bassara A flex 41.5" (Dri Tac Lite oversize grip).

Sumo2 SQ 5-7 hybrids Diamana R flex 3/4" long (Excel RF midsize grip)

AP1 8-PW DG R flex 1/2" short  1/2* upright on 9 and PW (Excel RF midsize grip).

SM4 54-11 and 60-10 1* strong (1/2* and 1* upright) -bone stock

White Hot 7H putter 35" 2* upright.

Reserve clubs - Callie Steelhead III 9 wood, Snake Eyes Q5 31* hybrid, Louisville HL3 persimmon 34* hybrid, SM4 64-07 (1* upright). Don't use em much (the fww and hybrids are flat lie angles and hard to hit - get monstrous distance when hit properly; found I can do a lot with the 60-10 so I pulled the 64).

I finally broke 40 for 9 holes in May (par 37) and followed up with 40 on a par 36 course of the same length.  Had a +1 score at National City in March (par 34 2200 yards).  I pretty much shoot in the mid 80s with this bag on a regulation 6200 yard course.


Jason C

Titleist 913 D2 9.5 Diamana Blue 72 stiff

Titleist 913 F-d 15 Diamana Blue 72 stiff

Titleist 712 AP1 3 - PW Dynamic Gold S-300 +1.25 long

Titleist Vokey SM4 Oil Can Finish 54.11 and 60.10 Dynamic Gold s-300 +1.25 long

Scotty Cameron Tour Studio Design 5 35" Loft 3 Lie 70 3X Black finish

Titleist 2014 14 Way Lightweight Stand Bag Black / White

Titleist Players Glove

Dan C

Usually between 72 and 80. My low score is 69 and I'm just over 15