Please Post What's In Your Bag Here!

Just wondering what everyone likes to play.  I am a junior golfer in the state of SC and here is whats in my bag:

Driver:  Titleist 913D3 8.5* Motore Speeder Tour Spec VC 6.0-Stiff

Woods:  Titleist 913F 15* Aldila RIP Phenom 80g-Stiff

Hybrid:  Titleist 913H.d 18* Project X HD3 Tour Issue 6.0

Irons:  miz MP-64 3-P Project X 6.0 +1/2"

Wedges:  Vokey TVD M 50* 54* 60* Brushed Chrome w/ Initials in TVD Red and Tour Saw in Black/Red on the toe (Vokey Custom on the toe of the 60 which has snow stamping) Red Wedgeworks Shaft Band Project X 6.0 +1/2"

Putter:  Scotty Cameron GoLo 34" Super Stroke Ultra Slim grip

Ball:  Titleist ProV1x (I prefer the 2012 model)

Glove: FJ StaSof

Grips:  Lamkin Crossline Full Cord Midsize with two wraps of tape

Bag: Titlieist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag in Red and Black.

**I do have 15 clubs but I rotate either the 3 iron, hybrid or a wedge based on what course I am playing.  I do this because I play in many tournaments at many different courses of many different yardages.

Please ask any questions you may have!


Dan C.

913D3 9.5* Aldila RIP 60 Stiff

910F 15* MFT kaili Stiff

910H 19* MFT ilima Stiff

913H 24* Diamana blue S+ 82 hyb Stiff

712 AP2 5-PW Dynamic Gold Stiff

Vokey SM4 52*, 56*, 60* Dynamic Gold Stiff

SC California Fastback, 34" SuperStroke

Titleist 14-Way Premium Stand Bag


Putter: Scotty Cameron Square Back 2 with limited edition Cinco De Mayo headcover

Wedges: Titleist Vokey Sm4 58* and 54*

Irons: i15 s300 shafts 4-pw

Hybrid: A12

3Wood: Titleist 913f 15*

5Wood: Superfast 2.0 18*

Driver: 910d2

Grips: All clubs have Blue and black multicompounds

Ball: 2013 ProV1

I am also a junior golfer, what do you shoot? 

Driver Titleist 910 D2 Rip 60  7.75*

3W TM Rocketballz Tour Spoon 13*

5W TM Rocketballz Tour 18*

Hybrid TM Burner 21*

Irons Titleist 710 AP1 4-W

Wedge Vokey SM 56*

Putter TM Daddy Long Legs 35

FootJoy Glove

Titleist ProV1x balls

Current Index 4.5

Ttileist 913 D2, 10.5 Degree, Diamana Blue Shaft
Titleist 913 FD, 15 Degree, Diamana Blue Shaft
Titleist MB-712, Steel Shafts
Vokey, SM 2, Chrome, 62 / 7
Vokey, SM 2, Chrome 56 / 8
Scotty Cameron, GoLo
Titleist Pro V1
Titleist Pro V1x 
Titleist Tour Balata, 100
Titleist Gloves
FJ Shoes

Divot Tool from Pinehurst #2
GPS by Garmin, G3
Tees from Walmart 

All bags have gone to the dump, will replace them in March along with a new set of Golf Pride Jumbo grips for the clubs. 

Driver : 913 9.5* Diamana D+ White 82 gram X tipped 1"

 3 Wood: 913 15* Diamana D+ White 82 gram

Irons:  710 CB 2, 4-PW Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issue

Wedges: Vokey SM4 52*, 56*, 60* Dynamic Gold Stiff

Putter: Scotty Cameron Select Newport 1.5

Ball: Titleist Pro V1X Number 8

Glove: Footjoy

Bag: Titleist Staff Bag


913 D-3 10.5/Aldila Rip 60/Stiff

913-Fd 13.5/Aldila Rip 80 Phenom/Stiff

913-H 18/Low Spin/Aldila Rip 80 Phenom/Stiff

AP2-712/Steel/S300/Stiff/Soft Step--Custom Fit and Bend

Vokeys-TVD's/Custom Wedgework Design/Snow Stamped..60/Melanie, 56/Jennifer, 52/Gunnar (All Family)

Scotty Cameron- California Monterey 1.5

Titleist Playes Glove

Mid-Size Staff Bag/Team Titleist Design/Custom Logo

Titleist Tour Velvet Grips

Pro-V1x-Custom/"66-Team Titleist" (lowest rount in competition)

FJ Custom Icons



Driver: 913D2 8.5* Titleist 'Ilima 61 (Stiff) C3

Fairway Wood: 913Fd 18* Titleist 'Ilima 71 (Stiff) B2

Hybrid: 913H 19* Diamana BlueBoard+ 82 (Stiff) D4

              913H 21* Diamana BlueBoard+ 82 (Stiff) D4

Irons: 714CB 4-PW Dynamic Gold XP95 (S-300)

Wedges: Vokey SM4 52.08 Dynamic Gold XP95 (S-300)

                 Vokey TVD-M 58 Dynamic Gold XP95 (S-300)

Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 34"/350g

Grip: New Decade MultiCompound

Ball: ProV1X

Tee: Zero Friction - Red

Glove: Footjoy PureTouch Limited

Bag: Titleist Midsize Staff Bag

I too am a junior golfer. What I play:

Driver: Titleist 905R 9.5* Graphite Design YS-6+ Stiff

Wood: TM Rocketballz Stage 2 15* Rocket Fuel 60 Gram Stiff

Driving Iron: Titleist 503H 19* Aldila NV Hybrid 85- Stiff

Irons: miz MP-64 Project X 5.5

Wedges: Vokey 200 Sires Raw 56-14 and Vokey Spin Milled 60-10

Putter: Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport Mid Slant 33 in. w/ Red Baby T Grip

Glove: Titleist Perma-Soft

Ball: Titleist 2012 ProV1

Driver- 913 D-2 10.5/Aldila Phenom 70 /Stiff

Fairway- 913-Fd 15/Diamana Blue Board/Stiff

Hybrid- 913-H 19/Diamana Blue BoardStiff

Irons- (Just ordered the new AP2-714/4-PW/GW) I play 710 CB 4-PW/Steel/S300/Stiff/

Wedges- Vokeys-SM4/Bent to 51,55,59

Putter- Scotty Cameron- Studio Select Squareback 1.

Bag- Team Titleist 14 way stand bag

Grip- Goflpride 2G Tour 

Ball- Pro-V1x

Shoes- FJ BOASport

913 D-3 9.5/AD DI 7X/xStiff

913-Fd 13.5/PX/xStiff

913-HD 18/Low Spin/Aldila Rip 80 Phenom/xStiff

AP2-710/Steel/KBS Tour/Stiff+/Custom Fit and Bend.  * 714 AP2's/ DG S400/ Stiff+/ 5-PW.  custom specs on order

Vokeys-TVD's/M grind 60/K grind 56/Tour Grind 52

Scotty Cameron- GOLO S5.  Custom Heavy set up.

FootJoy PTL

Lightweight Stand bag/Team Titleist Design/Custom Logo

Titleist Tour Velvet Grips

Pro-V1x-Custom/#13 - TIGER



  • 913D3 9.5* Aldila Phenom 70 grams, A1 setting (on short courses will replace with 910F 13.5* Aldila Phenom 70 grams, A4 setting)
  • 913F 15* Aldila Phenom 80 grams, A1 setting
  • 910H 19* Diamana 'Ilima, A1 setting
  • 712U 3-iron, KBS Tour S flex
  • 712 AP2 4-PW, KBS Tour X flex
  • SM4 50* KBS Tour (on short courses I might also take out the 3-iron and add a SM4 54* stock TT shaft)
  • SM4 58* stock TT wedge flex
  • Monterey Del Mar 35" Putter with two (2) 25 gram weights
  • Pro-V1 (Pro-V1x when playing windy conditions)
  • StaSoft gloves

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TM 2007 Burner HT draw driver M flex 44.5" (Dri Tac Lite oversize grip).

910F 19* fairway (A2 setting) Bassara A flex 41.5" (Dri Tac Lite oversize grip).

Sumo2 SQ 5-7 hybrids Diamana R flex 3/4" long (Excel RF midsize grip)

AP1 8-PW DG R flex 1/2" short  1/2* upright on 9 and PW (Excel RF midsize grip).

SM4 54-11 and 60-10 1* strong (1/2* and 1* upright) -bone stock

White Hot 7H putter 35" 2* upright.

Reserve clubs - Callie Steelhead III 9 wood, Snake Eyes Q5 31* hybrid, Louisville HL3 persimmon 34* hybrid, SM4 64-07 (1* upright). Don't use em much (the fww and hybrids are flat lie angles and hard to hit - get monstrous distance when hit properly; found I can do a lot with the 60-10 so I pulled the 64).

I finally broke 40 for 9 holes in May (par 37) and followed up with 40 on a par 36 course of the same length.  Had a +1 score at National City in March (par 34 2200 yards).  I pretty much shoot in the mid 80s with this bag on a regulation 6200 yard course.


Titleist 913 D2 9.5 Diamana Blue 72 stiff

Titleist 913 F-d 15 Diamana Blue 72 stiff

Titleist 712 AP1 3 - PW Dynamic Gold S-300 +1.25 long

Titleist Vokey SM4 Oil Can Finish 54.11 and 60.10 Dynamic Gold s-300 +1.25 long

Scotty Cameron Tour Studio Design 5 35" Loft 3 Lie 70 3X Black finish

Titleist 2014 14 Way Lightweight Stand Bag Black / White

Titleist Players Glove

Usually between 72 and 80. My low score is 69 and I'm just over 15