Which irons for what handicap ?

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Is anyone able to give advise on what 714 irons to get.

I am 16 years old and on a 3 handicap, I have the TM MC irons with dynamic gold S300 shafts. Would a combined set i.e. CB / MB or AP2 / CB be better than a full set of one type.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated, Thanks!!!


A lot will come down to personal preference.  I've talked to some very good golfers who use the CB/MB combo.  But also some scratch golfers who like the extra forgiveness the AP2s offer.  I would go to one of the Titleist fitting days or schedule an appointment with a fitter.  

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Go get fit by a Titleist certified fitter.  He will put you in the proper set for your swing and specs.  Try to be open minded and do not assume that you are going to get a certain set up of clubs.


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The TM irons you are playing with now would probably compare best to the 714 AP2.  Going with a combo Titleist set could offer advantages in work ability and forgiveness in the different irons, but may not be necessary.  I would consult a Titleist Club Fitter, who can analyze your ball flight and consistency and give you a recommendation based off of that.  To find the nearest Club Fitter, use the link below.