KBS Black Nickel

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Is there anyway to get the KBS tour Black Nickel shafts on the 714 AP2?

Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D

Unfortunately, those are only available in Vokey wedges.



Joshua A

You can purchase the black nickel shafts separately and then take them in and have your clubs re shafted. That's what I did with my 712 AP2's. It is more expensive but they look great. I have to tell you though I got pretty tired of them after a few months. the finish started chipping and peeling away and KBS said that was normal wear and tear. I will be ordering my new 712's with KBS shafts but just with the regular finish. 

jeff l

yes they come in only R,S,X flex's only the KBS tour chrome come in R+ etc I have the KBS tour black in my 712 irons